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Board Members

Board Members

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Devon is a co-founder of the American Indian Recruitment Programs, promoting positive youth development through education, culture, and other positive projects and events.


Devon is very much involved in her community, as she is a member of the Native American Lawyers Association of San Diego, the California Indian Law Association, and the National Association of Indian Legal Services Steering Committee. Devon received her B.A. in History from San Diego State University in 1994 and her J.D. from California Western School of Law in 1999. Devon and her husband have three young children where they live in French Valley, CA.

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Mrs. Orosco is a lineal descendant of the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians. She is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego and has earned her Graduate Degree in Public Health at San Diego State University. She has volunteered as a mentor for the AIR Programs since 1997, prior to becoming a Board member in 2008.


For eight years she worked for her Tribe at the San Pasqual Education Department coordinating their Tribal youth and prevention programs. Currently, she works for Indian Health Council, Dental Department. In addition to her many adventures with her husband and children, Mrs. Orosco serves as AIR Programs Board Vice-Chair.

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Dwight K. Lomayesva is a member of the Hopi Tribe and is a co-founder of American Indian Recruitment Programs. This non-profit organization serves American Indian Youth within education. Through AIR, he led an academic program that merged both culture and academia to promote educational success within secondary instruction. His continuous push of cultural inclusion and historical relevancy within the academic model led to self-empowerment, confidence, and self-esteem among AIR students, resulting in significantly greater academic performance. His work, along with many, has led to many of our Native Youth obtaining success within higher education.

Dwight earned his Bachelor of Arts degree, within Political Science, at San Diego State University and earned his Juris Doctorate from Western Sierra School of Law. He is a former board member of the San Diego/Imperial Valley ACLU and sits on the following awards: The Honors include Pacific Sociology Association Social Conscience Award, for AIR Programs, 2009, KPBS Local Hero, San Diego, 2010, and American Indian Community Honoree at the San Diego-Balboa Park Pow-wow, 2014. 

Devon Lee Lomayesva

Natalia Orosco

Dwight K. Lomayesva

Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel

San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians

Hopi Tribe

AIR Board Treasurer

AIR Board Vice Chair

AIR Board Member

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Mr. Lomayesva is a graduate of the University of Arizona and is the IT Applications Development and Support Manager at Perspecta, a public sector IT services company providing end-to-end IT services to the County of San Diego government offices.


Previously he held various positions at HP, as the Planning Director and Chief of Staff for Digital Customer Experience Solutions IT, Software Development Director for several IT organizations, Information Systems Manager, as well as General Accounting Manager, and Financial Services Process Engineer. Mr. Lomayesva offers extensive knowledge within the IT Field for our AIR Programs as well his commitment to our Native Community. Mr. Lomayesva serves as an AIR Programs Board member.

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Mrs. Jenelle Guevara is passionate about education is an alumnus of the AIR Program’s original program. Mrs. Guevara is currently enrolled in community college and continues to serve her Native Community as a volunteer in her children’s classroom and is a mentor for Rachel’s Challenge. She is currently a product development Administrative Coordinator within the San Diego region. 


Jenelle is a recent addition to our AIR Programs Board and aligns her motivation and ideals with the goals and focus of AIR Programs and looks forward to working with our AIR Programs Board serving our Native Communities for the last 28 years.

Gary Lomayesva

Misty Faulkner

Hopi Tribe

NC Lumbee

Jenelle Guevara

Algonquin Decendent 

AIR Board Chair

AIR Board Member

AIR Board Secretary

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A graduate of San Diego State University with a B.S. in Biology and a Minor in American Indian Studies, Stephanie has been a mentor, tutor, and coordinator for the AIR Program since 1997. She has two beautiful boys that grew up with AIR and are currently students with our program. 

Presently, Stephanie is continuing her role in promoting higher education for American Indian students. She works with various programs that have collaborated with AIR to encourage and educate American Indian students who desire to attend secondary educational systems.

With a strong background in educational empowerment, Stephanie and others helped strengthen relationships with Universities and various other educational programs. Ms. Saavedra serves as an AIR Programs Board Member. She is Otomi (hnanho), Pueblo, and Spanish. 

Stephanie Saavedra

(Otomi (hnanho)/Pueblo)

AIR Board Member

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