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AIR Programs Scholarships

AIR Programs “University Application” Scholarships

The American Indian Recruitment Programs scholarships are made possible by donors and fundraising efforts.

Unlike many communities, our students and mentors do not have the opportunity to apply to multiple universities due to costs. Therefore, AIR Programs “University Application” Scholarships are designed for our existing or former students and mentors applying to multiple universities across the nation. Overall, these “University Application” scholarships give our students and mentors a choice and a greater opportunity to pursue higher education at a university that suits their needs.


Today, our students can be found at Stanford / UCLA / Dartmouth / Brown / Columbia / USC / SDSU / UCSD / USD / UC Davis / CSUSM and many more. A greater future starts with the application, and we hope that these scholarships start this process.

Annual Fundraiser and Awards Banquet

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Save the Date

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