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AIR Programs Scholarships

AIR Programs Scholarships

The American Indian Recruitment Programs scholarships are made possible by donors and fundraising efforts.

The AIR Programs continue to promote and support higher education through scholarship opportunities. Scholarships are designed for our existing or former students and mentors applying to or currently enrolled in a college or university. These scholarships are a way that the AIR Programs gives back to the students and mentors that have made this non-profit a success for 30 years.

The AIR Programs is offering two types of scholarships. Scholarship #1 is for assistance associated with college application fees. This scholarship is designed to not limit the number of colleges students are applying for, increasing their opportunities of acceptance. Scholarship #2 is designed for students who are currently enrolled and need additional financial assistance in areas not covered by other scholarships or grants. 

Today, our students can be found at Stanford / UCLA / Dartmouth / Brown / Columbia / USC / SDSU / UCSD / USD / UC Davis / CSUSM and many more. With access to these scholarships we hope to be a supportive entity to the continued success within the universities.

Annual Fundraiser and Awards Banquet
To be held on:

October 19th
San Diego State University

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