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Student Information

Student Information

The AIR Programs was created for our Native youth to succeed not only in academics but in life. To do this, we focus on educating our students on Native American history, values, and life. We firmly believe that our students are the future, and someday, they will accomplish great things.

Covid-19 Updates:  Due to Covid-19 health concerns we have been postponing our normal after-school programming for the safety of our Native Youth and Community.   We have been holding virtual tutoring and our virtual Honors Programming.  We hope to continue our programming in Spring and Summer 2022.  

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About AIR Sr. & AIR Jr.

  • We invite students to come onto a university campus so that they can become acclimated to the environment. Through our research, we have found that Native students are often intimidated by the large campuses and busy social life that exists on campus. To help our students overcome this, we allow them to explore the university and all that it has to offer. This increases their confidence and shows our students that college participants are no different from them. Through this approach, we have seen a significant increase in our student's motivation to attend college.

  • We bring in university alumni to mentor our students. Who better to explain college than those who have experienced it? 

  • We assign our students Native-specific topics to research. This allows our students to practice using various research methodologies, use campus resources, and ask faculty members for help. 

  • We tutor our students. The AIR Program has an amazing team of mentors who have not only gone through rigorous training that qualifies them to teach, but they deeply understand the struggles and disadvantages our Native students face.

  • We make the program fun. We provide our students with fun activities to do, time to socialize, and room to ask questions. This is an excellent after-school program that can greatly benefit our students.


Rules & Guidelines

The AIR Sr. and AIR Jr. programs uphold two strict principles: respect and safety. We expect all participants to be respectful, civil, and orderly to ensure a safe learning environment. Disciplinary action may be taken if any student exhibits inappropriate behavior or does not abide by our policy.


  • Parents and guardians will be liable for their students during the program. The AIR Programs is not responsible for student injury. Our activities are not harmful, and we place specific rules for each project or activity to ensure everyone's safety. While we do our best to enforce safety rules and practices, we are not responsible if your student does not follow them and gets hurts as a result.

  • Parents and guardians will be responsible for any fees, costs, or damages associated with their child's actions during the program. Should property damage occur, he/she will be responsible for such damage. 

  • Parents and guardians have the right to apply to be a chaperone or volunteer. We encourage parents to participate as these efforts show support.

  • We strongly encourage parents to go over rules and guidelines with their children prior to the start of the program.


  • Respect your chaperon and team members.

  • No verbal or physical fighting.

  • No swearing.

  • No weapons, substances, or hazardous materials are permitted.

  • Report to your chaperon or assigned guardian before leaving.

  • No inappropriate or disruptive behaviors.

  • No destruction of property is tolerated. This includes vandalism or destruction of personal items, things in nature, vehicles, or campus property.

  • Report to your chaperon or assigned guardian if any injury or damage occurs.

  • Have fun!

DISCLAIMER: The AIR Program does not discriminate based on sex, sexual orientation, the color of skin, religious background, or ethnic background. The AIR Program is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization funded through public and private donations and grants. Its accounting is a legal responsibility of the AIR Programs Board. All AIR Program general guidelines and rules are subject to change with trends of the time, location customs, and as-needed basis. The AIR Programs Board will review any issues regarding the interpretation of the AIR Program guidelines.

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