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Mentor Information

Mentor Information

The AIR Program is centered around mentoring. Our mentors serve as teachers, leaders, advocates, and friends, and help form the foundation of our successful program. Throughout our many years of operation, we cannot express our gratitude enough for how fortunate we are to have so many participants.


Our mentors come from many different backgrounds, and help students to become leaders within their communities. Their dedication to our community and our students is what makes our program so successful.

Mentoring with AIR

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Mentoring with AIR

As mentors, we can help promote students' success both within the high school and higher education environment. Our program looks for enthusiastic and willing mentors to contribute their time to succeed our student participants. The following information includes some basic requirements for our mentors:

Trust is an important aspect of the mentor/mentee relationship. If a student has decided to reveal information to you, they are trusting you. With a few exceptions, that information is not meant to be shared with third parties. The only exception to this rule is to hear any information that may harm another individual (physical, mental, or emotional). As a mentor, it is your duty to protect the students and keep their best interests in mind. Please do not reveal student's names to anyone outside of the AIR programs.

"At-Risk" Youth
Many students you will be helping are considered "at risk," meaning that some students are considered to have "low achievements, low retention in grade, behavior problems, poor attendance, and low socioeconomic status" (Morris, 200, p.4). Remember, you may not reach each student you come across, but don't be discouraged. If you reach even just one student, that in itself is worth it.



Mentor Responsibilities

Mentors should hold themselves accountable and uphold the AIR Programs' values of safety, civility, maturity, and trust. As a trusted mentor in the program, you should:

  • Not disturb the students' learning environment by texting, talking, eating, or passing notes during meetings.

  • Not use profanity or make inappropriate comments.

  • Not belittle or mistreat students.

  • Arrive at the program on time and ready to go.

  • Communicate if you cannot attend a meeting. If you think your schedule interferes with the AIR Programs, you should reconsider being a mentor.

  • Dress appropriately when attending student meetings.

  • Be open to chaperoning students on field trips.


Apply to be a Mentor

If you are committed to our program's cause and want to make a positive impact on our students' lives, consider becoming a mentor. You can download our application by clicking "Download Application."

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