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The Intertribal Court of Southern California Tribal Youth Court (TYC) aims to cultivate wellness-based responses to offenses by tribal youth utilizing peer decision-makers.

The TYC centers on educating tribal youth about tribal restorative justice practices and empowers them to engage in these practices in service of their communities.

Program Description

Tribal Youth Court

The Tribal Youth Court (TYC) is a diversion-based program that serves Southern California Tribal youth that may be challenged with incidents of juvenile delinquency. Through our program, Native youth peers will hear and assist in the wellness of juvenile offenders. We hope this training encourages the Native Youth court to make better decisions and educate them on Tribal Law and Governance.


Our Tribal Youth Court peer model utilizes Tribal restorative justice ideals to address low level offenses committed by Native youth. Our Peer Decision Maker prevention program is an educational process on various elements of the legal system. We offer two types of training options for students interested in becoming Peer Decision Makers that will sit as jurors at our youth court  hearings.

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Incarceration of our youth has been proven to result in lower self-esteem and self-worth and a juvenile record. This effect contributes to lower educational achievement, greater unemployment, higher alcohol and substance abuse rates, and greater recidivism within the justice system. 

In collaboration with the Intertribal Court of Southern California, AIR Programs seeks to curb juvenile delinquency among our Native Youth by developing an academic Tribal Governance program to be utilized in life, academia, and within the Tribal Youth Court. This project will supplement secondary education with ideals in Tribal governance understanding, issues affecting Indian Country, and creating leadership opportunities.

Working within our existing program and with regional universities, we will create academic after-school programs and courses for our youth, creating our Native Youth Peer Decision Makers Honors Program. We look forward to working with our Native Youth on a project that will change Indian Country and give our Native Youth a greater future. 

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