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News for Students - (Monday Morning):
Indian Country:
Voting rights

Mark Trahant: Ten reasons why every Native person should vote

Why vote? It takes planning, some time, and the rewards are not always visible. The same problems will surround American Indians and Alaska Natives before and after the election.
It’s easy to be trite and type, “this election matters more than most” and then cite specifics to make that case. But it’s not true. Win or lose (no matter who we support) life will go on.
But there are reasons to vote. Examples big and small that show how we can make a difference. Here we go.
One. Because voting is an act of sovereignty. The late Billy Frank Jr. used to articulate different ways that we practice sovereignty today. Taking a fish is an act of sovereignty. Using an eagle feather is sovereignty. Or picking berries.
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Indian Nations Law Focus–September, 2014
posted on: Thursday, September 11, 2014

In White v. University of California, 2014 WL 4211421 (9th Cir. 2014), archaeologists employed by the University of California–Los Angeles (University) in 1976 had discovered two human skeletons (La Jolla remains), estimated to be between 8977 to 9603 years old, making them among the earliest known human remains from North or South America. 

In Jackson v. Payday Financial LLC, (7th Cir. 2014), Jackson and other plaintiffs had received payday loans from Payday Financial, LLC and other defendant entities owned by, or doing business with, Martin A. Webb, a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and also a named defendant pursuant to loan agreements that required that all disputes be resolved through arbitration to be conducted on the Tribe’s reservation. 
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Lawsuit over ancient bones dismissed
By Dana Littlefield2:49 P.M.SEPT. 13, 2014

A federal appeals court has upheld a decision to dismiss a lawsuit that sought to keep two ancient human skeletons from being returned to local Kumeyaay tribes.
The remains of a young adult male and a slightly older female were discovered in 1976 during an excavation on the grounds of UC San Diego. Referred to as the “La Jolla remains” in court documents, they are believed to be two of the oldest human skeletons ever found in North or South America.
They are estimated to be 8,970 to 9,600 years old, according to court documents.
In 2012, the Kumeyaay Cultural Repatriation Committee filed a federal lawsuit seeking to have the university turn over the remains to one of the member tribes for traditional burial.
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Ishi spent decades hiding out from white settlers' genocidal campaign...
Ishi, 'last wild Indian,' embraced adventure of life in S.F.. Ishi, the last member of California's Yahi Indian tribe, died in S.F. in 1916. Photo: E.H. Kemp, AP

Ishi, 'last wild Indian,' embraced adventure of life in S.F..
Ishi spent decades hiding out from white settlers' genocidal campaign against California Indians. Then he spent five years as an object of civilization's fascination with his vanished way of life.
Last week's Portals told the story of how Ishi's tiny band of Yahi Indians stayed out of settlers' view for almost 50 years in their river canyon territory near Mount Lassen. Finally, Ishi was the only Yahi left. In 1911, starving and exhausted, this middle-aged man - the last "wild," or aboriginal, Indian in North America - stumbled out of the woods and into a corral near Oroville in Butte County.
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USD Football


USD holds on to beat Mustangs 23-17
The Toreros started hot but cooled off late in the game

By Stefanie Loh 9:51 P.M.SEPT. 6, 2014

With a new offense rebuilt around running back Jonah Hodges and athletic dual-threat quarterback Keith Williams, the USD Toreros (1-0) opened their season Saturday night at Torero Stadium with a close 23-17 win over Division II Western New Mexico.
Division II or not, the Mustangs (0-1) have gotten into the habit of scaring the Toreros on opening night, and this edition of the matchup fell right into that script.
“I’ve been here three years now, and every time we play them, it ends the same way, with us hanging on to win, and then with the ball getting ready to score,” said USD coach Dale Lindsey, whose squad edged WNMU 38-35 in 2013.
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UCLA Football:

Watch: UCLA Football vs. Memphis Offensive Highlights
By uclaluv on Sep 7 2014, 1:00p

 On Saturday, we got a chance to see some weapons we had been waiting to see.  Brett Hundley got the arm going with 396 passing yards.  He was 33 for 44 with 1 very costly interception.  Considering there were at least four dropped passes that I counted, he had a really good game.  The highlights for me were seeingThomas Duarte and Kenneth Walker on the receiving end of some beautiful passes.  Thomas Duarte stepped up yesterday and was the weapon some of us have been anticipating.  He had a bad drop to start the game, but then got into rhythm. 
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