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Student of the leader of the Year:  Raelynn Bichitty (Navajo)
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Community Leader of the Year: Jamie LaBrake
(Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation)

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Indian Country:

Obama Declares Bristol Bay Off Limits to New Oil and Gas Drilling Leases
ICTMN Staff - 12/17/14

The Bristol Bay watershed has been saved, at least from oil and gas drilling. 
President Barack Obama on December 16 decreed the entire area off limits by signing a Presidential Memorandum withdrawing “these beautiful and pristine waters from all future oil and gas drilling,” according to a White House press release.
In doing so Obama invoked Native Alaskans and their traditional uses of the land, as well as the key role they played in helping preserve the watershed.
“Bristol Bay has supported Native Americans in the Alaska region for centuries,” he said in a video address. “It supports about $2 billion in the commercial fishing industry, supplies America with forty percent of its wild-caught seafood. It is a beautiful natural wonder, and it’s something that’s too precious for us to just be putting out to the highest bidder.”
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Winter Solstice: Welcoming the Return of the Light Across Turtle Island
ICTMN Staff - 12/21/14

On December 21, just as the evening news is beginning, winter will be upon us.
It’s the shortest day of the year, and at 6:03 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Turtle Island, Mother Earth will arrive at that point in its orbit that puts the sun as far south on the horizon as it gets, portending winter here but summer in the Southern Hemisphere.
Up in Inuit territory, of course, no one will see this, because the sun will never rise. The South Pole will get all the sun, bathed in light for 24 straight hours. This is what happens when the North Pole is tilted at a 23.5-degree angle away from the sun. At noon, our shadows will be their longest of the year.
For a bit of perspective and a look at Earth’s seasons from space, check out this time-lapse NASA video, courtesy
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Boyd Cothran: Torture justified by treatment of Indian prisoners

Professor Boyd Cothran discusses how the treatment of Modoc prisoners of war in the 1800s was used by the Bush administration's policy on torture:
Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, the George W. Bush administration began constructing its legal response to the perceived terrorist threat. This response consisted of a series of legal opinions from the Department of Justice, many of them written by John C. Yoo, a University of California law professor who was then serving as a deputy assistant attorney general. The memorandums provided legal arguments to support the administration’s claim that detainees from the war in Afghanistan did not enjoy the protections of either the U.S. Constitution or the Geneva Convention and that the War Crimes Act of 1996 also did not apply. Despite considerable disagreement from Secretary of State Colin Powell and others, the administration went ahead, and by December 2002, the Defense Department had drafted detailed policies for interrogation techniques. Then, in early March 2003, Yoo authored one of his most sweeping legal briefs in what came to be known as the infamous Torture Memos. In it, he set out not only a legal justification but also a historical connection between unlawful combatants in the current conflict and Indigenous peoples in the nineteenth century.
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Tribe believes court ruling threatens Indian gaming laws
16 December 2014

Californian tribe Santa Ysabel has described a federal court ruling that has banned its attempts to introduce online bingo in the US state as “very dangerous and significant”.
The operator went live with in early November claiming its sovereign right to offer Class II gaming, which is defined by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act 1988 (IGRA) as poker and bingo, over the internet regardless whether or not it is legal in California.
However, by November 21 the tribe had been hit by a legal challenge from California’s Office of the Attorney General, which filed a 14-page federal lawsuit seeking “appropriate injunctive relief to prevent unlawful internet gambling”.
On Friday, US federal district judge Anthony Battaglia issued a temporary restraining order banning the tribe from continuing to offer real money online bingo in California.
Cruz Bustamante, spokesman for Santa Ysabel Interactive, the Tribe's economic development enterprise, said: “We are deeply disappointed by the federal court's decision to grant the State’s temporary restraining order.
“This decision poses a significant threat to tribal jurisdiction over Class II gaming under the IGRA.
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ANA is pleased to anounce the inclusion of AIR's Pride for Life Project within "Fiscal Year 2008 Report to Congress on Impact and Effectiveness of Administration for Native American Projects" and the inclusion of AIR's Voices of Tomorrow Project within "Fiscal Year 2009 Report to Congress on Impact and Effectiveness of Administration for Native American Projects"

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USD Football


Griz annhilate San Diego in 1st Round 52-14

MISSOULA - The Griz made it back to the postseason for the 23rd time in program history hosting San Diego in the first round of the FCS Playoffs. And Montana would prove to be rude hosts to the Toreros as the Griz were in control throughout winning easily 52-14.
Montana opened the game with possession and converted a few first downs before having to punt at midfield. The Griz defense then forced a 3 and out after nearly hauling in an interception on 1st down.

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UCLA Basketball:

UK starts with 24-0 run, holds UCLA to lowest points total (7) in half
Associated Press

CHICAGO -- No. 1 Kentucky made it look so easy that coach John Calipari felt the need to point out he had actual human beings on the court.
The only question was the final score, and that took longer to decide than the game.Devin Booker had 19 points, and the Wildcats scored the first 24 points in an 83-44 victory over UCLA on Saturday.
"They're not machines and they're not computers," Calipari said. "They don't play great every time out."
They sure looked like machines the way they dominated this game.

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